R.I.P. Resumes
Good-Bye Interviews.
Hello #InstaWerk.

Millennials, You're Welcome!

2X more interviews. 5X faster hires.

Introducing #WerkSnaps!

as if the #WerkProfile wasn't epic already :)

Short 60-90 sec videos to Commonly Asked Interview Questions, so you never have to answer the same questions again.

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Interviews are Out

Qualifying, Prescreening and Preliminary interviews are now a thing of the past with your #WerkProfile & #WerkSnaps.

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Create a #WerkProfile

Turn your profile into a masterpiece. Humanize your digital presence.

Turn on Preferences

Got Demands? Choose the roles, the location, and the money you want.

Werk Time!

Get curated opportunities and start discovering, connecting and werking.

It all starts with your #WerkProfile

You Asked. We Answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

HelloWerk (#W for short) is a digital work platform that helps the millennials to:

• Showcase more of your personality, passion and fit with short intro videos.
• Create a stunning digital profile that adds to the traditional resume, with a curated timeline, key life events, and social highlights.
• Standout, and do what a traditional paper resume or a social profile cannot, which is make a hire instantly with #WerkSnaps, short 60-90 second videos of commonly asked interview questions.
• Connect to full-time & contract roles, professional gigs, and casual on-demand work and projects based on their money preferences, location and industry.
It’s easy. Go to hellowerk.com/app and create a profile with all the relevant information (ex: work history, education, skills, certifications etc).

iOS users can now download the app. The Android version will be available soon.

Once you have created a profile with a valid email address and password, you are all set to create your new professional identity. Give as much information as you can under different sections.

To claim your uniqueness, record a short “meet me” intro video for a stunning profile.
Its always nice to have a face to a name. Your picture speaks a lot about your personality.

Go ahead, use any picture you like. You always have an option to change as & when you like.

If you choose to upload, make sure the size of the profile picture is less than 2MB.
The “Meet me” video is an unique way to give the world an interesting sneak peak about yourself.

Employers are more open to videos since it reduces the need for pre-screening interviews where they try to gauge the fit & personality of the candidate.

Begin with “Who you are”. Start with an introduction to who you are professionally. Next, “what you are capable of”; give a quick recap of your professional history and mention some of your key achievements/ skills.

You can check out profiles of our featured members on the home page and view their intro snaps.

It is advisable to make at least one snap to ensure that you stand out and give better visibility to employers. However, you can add up to a max of about 5 videos.

You can either make your snap videos through the app or upload a file from your device, make sure it is less than 25MB.
The interface is intuitive and easy to use, so go ahead and look around. Make sure you’re getting the most out of #HelloWerk.
We at HelloWerk believe that sharing key highlights about your life just humanizes your professional digital presence.

You can share different insights about your personal life like your marriage, birth of your children, the time when you took a sabbatical, or you just took off for a 6 month trip. Share your experiences, your learnings of such interesting moments, so that your employers know how awesome you are, even before they meet you.

Also, access to such information gives an employer better insight of the personality & fit of the candidate, and also reduces the need for lengthy interviews.

Nevertheless, this information is not mandatory; It’s your profile, you are free to add/ or not to add any such information.
You are more than just a two page resume. The more information you are able to give, the better insight the potential employers would have.

However you can choose to add as much or as little as you like. Incase you do not have any particular information available, you can always come back later and update the same.
You are more than just a two page resume. The more information you are able to give, the better insight the potential employers would have.

You can choose to update as much as you like. Incase you do not have any particular information available, you can always come back later and update the same.
Yes, it is. Your #W link is a sharable link that you can put on your business card, your resume, share on your social profiles, on websites, while applying at jobs and gigs. You can also use this link to connect & network with the HelloWerk community.

WerkSnaps (interview videos) are password protected. You can make them available to others only when you share the 8-digit access pin with them.

Please note, employers signed up with HelloWerk will have access to your WerkSnaps so if they like what they see, they can connect with you. So make sure you answer those frequently asked interview questions and make yourself #HireReady.
HelloWerk allows you to pre record some of the most frequently asked interview questions. They are short 60-90 second videos to a set of commonly asked questions.

Fast track your interview process with WerkSnaps, skip the qualifying, pre-sceening and preliminary interviews…! WerkSnaps also allows you to answer questions related to your previous professional experiences.

Though it is not mandatory for you to answer all of them, the more answers you put out, the more information the employer has to fast-track yourself.
We'd really appreciate if you let us know of any issues or help you need your HelloWerk App, or if you have any suggestions, comments, complaints or compliments. Just go to the menu within the App hit Support & Feedback.

You can also write to us at app@hellowerk.com